Our Journey

"Four Generations of Master Craftsmanship"

Our Tradition

​​Merit Construction traces its roots back to the late 1800s as builders in Southern Italy.  Orphaned at a young age, Rosario Pugliese became an apprentice to a mason builder to pay the dowry for his two younger sisters.  Quickly excelling in the craft, Rosario utilized his natural artistic skills to design buildings and homes.   He became well known as a cement specialist and was asked to design and build structures in neighboring towns.  During this time Rosario started a family of his own and had four sons.  All of the sons were talented, however Francescantonio demonstrated the natural aptitude of artistic ability and attention to detail, believed to be a genetic Pugliese trait.  This innate ability combined with a strong work ethic allowed Francescantonio to follow in his father's footsteps and he created a very lucrative construction business to support his family. The business continued until the start of World War II.    

After the war, Francescantonio brought his son Rosario Pugliese into the business.  Rosario shared the same talents and love of the building trades as his father and grandfather.  By the age of 18, young Rosario was already considered a master builder and was given the title "Maestro" by his countrymen.  Throughout the 1950s and early 1960s Maestro Rosario constructed countless buildings in surrounding towns.  In the mid 1960s, Rosario and his father Francescantonio decided to embark to America.  Upon their arrival, Rosario quickly establish himself as a master in his craft and within two years his first of numerous homes was constructed.  Rosario eventually got married and decided to permanently settle in Stamford, Connecticut where his two sons were born and raised.   During this period Maestro Rosario collaborated on projects with great architects such as Robert AM Stern and Philip Johnson to name a few.  

Fast forward to the present and the Pugliese apple continues to fall close to the Pugliese tree.  Maestro Rosario's youngest son, Rosario Jr., has also been blessed with the innate gifts of design and building as his forefathers.  Rosario Jr. grew up shadowing his father on construction sites.  To quote Rosario Jr., "While other kids were playing sports, I was on the job site working with my father and I loved it!"  Rosario's extreme attention to detail and creative designs led him to the Fashion Institute of Technology where he studied jewelry design.  After receiving his degree he spent the next eight years designing and crafting high end jewelry.  Eventually the desire to return to the construction site became too strong, and Rosario decided to rejoin his father and focus his designing and crafting talents in the traditional family business.  Over the past twenty years Rosario Jr. has taken the reigns from his father.  Together the father and son tandem of the Pugliese family continues their family's four generations of master craftsmanship in Merit Construction.